​Book of Secrets

Following an ensemble cast of friends and enemies from their first contact with supernatural powers during their senior year of high school, the Book of Secrets contains their loves and losses, their triumphs and despair, as they navigate the interests of powers far greater than themselves toward ends they know they will never fullly comprehend.

Volume I: The Mark of the Wolf

Coming Feb 1 2018!

When Margaret is attacked by what she believes to be a werewolf, her life is turned upside down.  Confused and afraid, the only people she feels safe going to for help are the strange goth kids that everyone says are witches. 

Dominic and Aaron are Pagans, not fools, and smell a trap.  But Jacob insists they take her seriously.  When they agree to help her, they - and all their friends - are swiftly drawn into a larger world of monsters and magic more dangerous than they had ever suspected was real.

Volume II: Rise of the Necromancer

Draft = 68k words, 40% complete

Helping Margaret Dunn was the right thing to do, but no good deed goes unpunished.  A dangerous magical tome has, once more, been unleashed on the world, and the Crew have attracted the attention of powers far greater than themselves.

Volume III: Darkening Days

Outlining and Drafting

Left alone in the wake of tragedy and discord, Alexander Dixon explores the new supernatural world he has become a part of.

Volume IV: The Price of Power

Draft = 60k, 50% complete

Mortality is overrated, but -- like innocence -- it cannot be regained once it is lost.  Power always comes with a price.